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Hi, I welcome guests from all over the world to my modest home in Selcuk-Ephesus. I offer guidance and insight about the town and surrounding environment making your stay more enjoyable and experiential.

The beautiful town of Selcuk-Ephesus is famous for its fascinating mixture of historical periods. This district is the birth place of some of the earliest pre-Hellenistic civilizations. The strategic location of Selcuk-Ephesus made it a popular place to settle over the centuries. The name Selcuk comes from the Turkish tribes who settled in the region during the 12th century.

Selcuk-Ephesus is well reputed for its closeness to the ancient metropolis Ephesus, the Selcukian works of art, St.Jean's church and grave, and the Virgin Mary's house. Also, close by there are three well-known Ionian and Hellenistic centers; Miletos, Priene and Dydima. Selcuk-Ephesus is 75km to Izmir, and 60km to Izmir airport.

From Selcuk to Kusadasi, the 18km trip takes you along a spectacular route with exquisite views of beaches and mountain scenery. The beaches of "Pamucak" and "Claros-Yoncaköy" are also of interest and are only 9km away from town. The mystic village "Sirince" is a popular destination for visitors and is only 8km to the east. From the top of the mountain, Sirince offers spectacular views of the surrounding region and promises to take your breath away. In addition, extreme and casual sporting enthusiasts alike will enjoy the variety of activities that are available throughout the region.

For the Spiritual initiate, Selcuk-Ephesus is well-known as a region having a "vortex of energy." You will experience higher levels of vibration, cleansing of the spirit, and increased levels of energy during your visit. Many spiritualists, healers, and others visit year-round to soak up this energy and experience this blissful phenomenom.